English 494: Internship

Course Description 

ENG 494 English Internship (4 credits)

This course provides students with the practical experience of applying the knowledge and skills of their coursework in actual work environments. Students engage in field opportunities in writing, research, drama, and literature at such sites as newspapers, public relations offices, schools, non-profit organizations, government agencies, theaters, and other professional contexts.  Application required; students work with the internship coordinator to find placement in the semester preceding the internship.  Open to English and English: Adolescence Education majors who have completed 90 credits toward their degree. Prerequisites: ENG 112, ENG 330, and one 300-level literature course.  Students who have completed at least 12 credits toward the writing minor may also apply to take this course. 

Course Goals

  • to earn about and explore the various career choices in English-related fields
  • to compose, complete, and revise a professional resume and/or curriculum vita, as well as cover letters and professional correspondence (email, telephone, in-person meetings)
  • to acquire hands-on job experience in a structured, individualized program, as outlined in a Learning Contract, composed and approved by student, supervisor, and coordinator
  • to learn current and best practices in your chosen fields
  • to receive career guidance in matching skills to appropriate career positions
  • to obtain professional guidance in interviewing techniques, job search, and resume development
  • to learn and implement professional social media best practices (website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
  • to assemble a Final Portfolio that contains three examples of professional work, an updated resume, and essay that exhibits acquiring practical experience or applying knowledge and skills of their coursework and/or professional field

Fall 2015 

Permission for Student to Register for English 494: Internship [pdf]

Meeting Schedule: Fall 2015

Internship Grade Rubric Fall 2015 [pdf]

The Learning Contract: link to the form, steps and procedures for handing in

Final Portfolio: details, with semester-specific due dates [draft]

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